A direct connection  between growers and distributors.

Fruitprint provides insight into the entire process: organic fruit from the grower, via the shop on the fruit bowl with the consumer. Our transparent working method ensures the shortest possible supply chain. Clear, direct and with an eye for all stakeholders: follow our fruitprint!

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Frunature / Nativa Organics Peru

We are a family business company,  integrated from farms to sales in Europe and the USA. In Peru, we grow, pack and export organic products such as ginger, turmeric, orange, granadilla, among others. In the Netherlands, we have incorporated our sister company Frunature BV to create a shorter and transparent  supply chain


Bio Net West Hellas

Bio Net West Hellas is the biggest and most powerful group (cooperative) of organic farmers in Greece. Within a rich natural ecosystem, in an area called “The Natural Park Of Greece”.


As a representative of organic growers all over the world, we are happy to share more about our projects.


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